CONFidence - (29-30.11 2010 Prague)
Language: polski | english |cesky

Juraj Bednar

Bio: Juraj Bednar has been an active member of UNIX community in Slovakia. He is a founding member of Slovak Open Source Initiative and first Slovak hackerspace, Progressbar in Bratislava. He has written over a dozen open-source software, covering systems management and security.

He is an owner and founder of Digmia s.r.o., leading provider of server and infrastructure outsourcing (7 of top 20 slovak websites are customers of Digmia) and security (covering insurance companies, banks, etc.).

Topic of Presentation: Server management with DSSH: beyond passwords

Language: English

Abstract: How to manage few hundreds of servers securely, if they are hidden behind firewalls, you need to log in using username and passwords, keys and other means? Who did what on each server? Why is ssh agent forwarding a bad idea and how to fix this?

Presentation of next generation SSH client, which is fully open-source, scriptable and in active production in servers management.

(This is not a commercial presentation, we even don’t sell support for DSSH, it just works for us, we claim that it’s a more secure way to do servers management and we are happy for others to join our group of users or developers).