CONFidence - (29-30.11 2010 Prague)
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If you want to become CONFidence 2.0 2010 partner please contact with Jakub Koziol or Andrzej Targosz.

Partners of the next edition of CONFidence are:


  • deepsec
  • Emilia

    Hacktivity 2010 Grows Into International Conference

    Hacktivity 2010 will be held on September 18-19, 2010 in Dürer Garden. One of the largest hacker conferences in Eastern and Central Europe will be attended by 1024 people including plenty of foreigners as simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all lectures for the first time.

    Two days, 28 lectures, 2 workshops, 3 trainings, one round-table discussion, Wargame, Capture the Flag, Hack the Vendor games with HUF 100,000 rewards, Wall of the Sheep, Hardware workshop with Mitch Altman, beer, hot dog, pizza, good conversation, wall climbing all day long and a brilliant party in the evening. This is how the 2010 programme of the oldest independent Hungarian IT security event can be described in a single sentence.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the event will be highly diverse. Saturday’s keynote speaker is none other than Bruce Schneier from the US, one of the world’s most famous IT security specialists. Bruce will give an opening speech in the morning and close the day at the book presentation where he will sign his book Schneier on Security, co-published in Hungarian by Kancellá Zrt. and HVG Publishers. Sunday’s keynote speaker is “FX” Lindner, co-author of the hacker cult book “How To Steal A Continent” and the first to write a Cisco IOS Exploit in 2001. Oracle guru Alexander Kornbrust will be present again and a new virus expert, Robert Lipovski from ESET laboratory will come from Bratislava. This year the legal speakers will have their own section and there will be 3 lectures giving us a glimpse of the heroic age of IT. Other subjects will include the „use” of wifi hotspots, IT SEC Compliance, password cracking and egghunting. Two workshops will complement the programme where instead of simple presentations speakers will provide participants with an opportunity to try the presented techniques on laptops right away.

    In the lobby participants looking for challenges can play individually or in groups. „Wargame”, the break-in test game will be on again consisting of courses with different difficulty levels. Last year’s highly popular „Hack The Vendor” will also continue with new vendors in the ring. The objective of the game is to test one or more IT security products, offered by our sponsors, or in fact hack them legally on the conference site. Our aim is to draw specialists’ attention to certain products of a vendor and to the successful hacker’s talent in an unorthodox way. There will also be a reward, of course, HUF 100,000 in both games! For the first time a new team game will be launched. The concept of „Capture the Flag” is probably familiar: the participant corporate teams made up of 2-4 persons will have ten hours to gain distance control over some computers with vulnerable configurations as often found in real life. The winner will take home a reward as well as Check Point’s „Wanderer” award.

    And there’s more to come as in a quiet corner Mitch Altman will be holding a hardware workshop! Mitch who can be justly called a hardware hacker will arrive from San Francisco along with his formidable electronic knowledge and tools to weld and create special IT equipment together with the participants.

    Of course there will be relaxation and partying as usual. will set up a climbing wall and in the evening the Balabit continent party will be held again with drink tours and rock concerts.



    Nethemba is an IT security company focused on: all kinds of penetration tests, comprehensive web application security audits, local system security audits, wireless security audits, VOIP security, smartcard security, designing and implementing ultra secure systems based on NSA SELinux, hardening systems, high-availability and load-balanced clusters and outsourcing, cloud computing solutions and providing professional consulting & training in various security areas.

    Our customers are: banks and insurance companies, mobile operators, government agencies, commercial companies (e.g. the biggest Slovak web portals) and universities and the academical sector.

    We are experts in creating comprehensive web application security audits according to the OWASP Testing Guide, complex security audits according to the OSSTMM and ISMS audits according to ISO 17799 and 27001. We are holders of renowned security certifications CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), SCSecA (Sun Certified Security Administrator), LPIC-3 (Linux Professional Institute Certification).



    PLNOG – Conference on networks and scalable solutions, addressed to the telecommunications operators, Internet services, cable televisions, content and networking providers, ISPs and vendors. PLNOG gathers around 450 participants and is held twice a year: once in Warsaw, once in Krakow.