CONFidence - (29-30.11 2010 Prague)
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Speaker Title PDF Audio Video
Chema Alonso FOCA PDF n/a n/a
Juraj Bednar Server management with DSSH: beyond passwords PDF n/a n/a
Lukasz Bromirski IPv6 (in)security PDF n/a n/a
Raoul Chiesa Cybercrime, CyberWar, Information Warfare: what’s this all about, from an hacker’s perspective? New rules for a new world. PDF n/a n/a
Sharon Conheady The Future of Social Engineering n/a n/a n/a
Johannes Dahse SQLi filter evasion and obfuscation PDF n/a n/a
Andrzej Dereszowski Targeted attacks: From being a victim to counter attacking PDF n/a n/a
Mateusz Drygas, Tomasz Nowak Discovery and visualization of network protocols with tools for biological sequence alignment PDF n/a n/a
Brad “RenderMan” Haines 802 NOT 11 PDF n/a n/a
Mario Heiderich, Johannes Hofmann Dev and blind PDF n/a n/a
Samy Kamkar How I Met Your Girlfriend PDF n/a n/a
Pavol Luptak New vulnerability trends in massively used public technologies PDF n/a n/a
Marcell Major How to write your password cracker PDF n/a n/a
Juraj Malcho 2010: The year of the Exploit PDF n/a n/a
Nick Nikiforakis Breaking Web applications in shared hosting environments PDF n/a n/a
Deviant Ollam Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lockpicking & Physical Security PDF n/a n/a
Alexandr Polyakov, Alexey Sintsov Stupid mistakes. Architecture and business logic vulnerabilities PDF n/a n/a
Dmitry Sklyarov Forging Canon Original Decision Data PDF n/a n/a
László Tóth Oracle post exploitation techniques PDF n/a n/a
Tomáš Zaťko Paranoia or increased security standard PDF n/a n/a