CONFidence - (29-30.11 2010 Prague)
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Leisure Zone

CONFidence Gamezone
CONFidence 2.0 2010 gives you the opportunity to take part in CONFidence Speed Breaking and try your luck in the CONFidence Fight Club. Become the best driver or fight all opponents and be the best fighter of the conference! Moreover, CONFidence 2.0 2010 is not only about Speed Breaking and Fight Club as there are plenty of games you can play. Feel like a child and find your own favourite game. Game consoles are waiting for you. Check the incredible Wii Fit Set and the newest PS3 Move.

Hacking contests
For the upcoming CONFidence 2.0 2010 we have prepared a few hacking contests. IT security experts are invited to participate in games where computers and knowledge are the only weapon. Details will be given by the organizers during the conference.

Hackers For Charity Roulette
Hackers For Charity is an idea of helping young and poor children, and spreading computer knowledge among them. This is a great international initiative. By taking part in the roulette game you not only help the kids but you are also playing for attractive prizes.

In our guide we have prepared for you a very special riddle. There is a prize for the fastest person who Tweets the correct answer (with our hashtag #CONFidence_conference). Moreover, we encourage you to participate and send information on social portals like Twitter or Facebook. We will show the world that the European hackers community is alive, vibrant and growing!

All Day Party
Bowling, located in the venue, is a great place to rest between the lectures or during them. You can have a chat with fellow security specialists, listen to music, drink some good Czech specialities and play bowling. All Day leisure zone is an introduction to the evening After Party. Get ready for a great night.

After Party
There is not much to describe here – we meet, discuss about security, we complain about new holes, we drink the best Czech beer and vodka. The After Party starts at 8pm on November, 29th. The location of the After Party will be given during the conference.

Early birds
The traditional conference after-party, which usually ends at dawn starts on Monday evening. For the attendees that will have the strength to show up early on Tuesday morning we will draw out a special “early birds mystery prize”.

Air power
On the second day of the conference we will examine how well can you exhale air from your lungs. We have prepared prizes for the person with the strongest lungs.

The first day of the conference always brings a lot of photos and a lot of funny moments. That is why we prepared a contest. On Tuesday there will be a wall of photos waiting for you and other CONFidence attendees to find your favourite photo and place an amusing comment, riposte or a story in the form of a cloud on the photo. The author of the funniest one will be awarded with a prize by the CONFidence Comitee.

During the second day of the conference we will be distributing surveys. Those, who fill in the surveys, will take part in a wonderful prize drawing, e.g. free passes for the next edition of CONFidence conference.