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CONFidence 201002 Summary, Photos and Materials

We would like to thank everyone for attending the 8th edition of the CONFidence conference. It was a remarkable conference, for the first time organized outside of Poland. Thanks to our partners we were able to organize lectures and workshop sessions in Czech Republic’s capital – Prague.

First of all, we would like to thank the IT security communities, both Polish and those from Czech Republic and Slovakia, as we had a lot of attendees from those regions. The conference could not have taken place without them.

Thanks go also to our Platinum Sponsor – ESET for supporting the organization of this conference and preparing the hacking contest for the attendees.

Special thanks go to our Slovakian partner – Nethemba, and especially to Pavol Luptak, for helping us in the organization, taking care of Czech contractors and logistics and providing us with contact to Emilia Catering.

Congratulations and thanks go to Brmlab, for opening their own hackers’ space in Prague and for a fantastic party on Sunday, just before the conference. The atmosphere of this place resembles well, what a hackers’ underground should look like.

Thanks go also to our partners and media sponsors, who worked on promoting the conference and providing information about it to you – the attendees, while supporting us in the preparation part. We would like to thank the following companies:, Deepsec, Hacktivity, ISSA, OWASP, PLNOG, Tamoggemon,,, Heise Security, Infoprof, Infowizja, Magazyn System,, NF.sec, SecurityInfo, SecurityReason, Webhat and

Last, but not least, special warm thanks go to Andrzej Targosz, the CEO of PROIDEA Foundation, who is the creator of the CONFidence. From the very beginning this conference was his beloved child, and though he could not be with us in Prague – he aided the conference with his contacts, ideas and knowledge.

And here it was, the first day of the conference. It was held in conference hall in a three star hotel. After the short welcome speech given by the conference coordinator, Jakub Koziol, we started the lectures. Conference schedule included one track of lectures and a workshop session on the first day and two tracks on the second day of the conference.

First lecture of the conference was held by Samy Kamkar, with an intriguing topic: How I Met Your Girlfriend. He presented new classes of attacks using php session prediction, browser protocol confusion and NAT penetration using Javascript. What was next? The whole day of lectures included speeches from Juraj Malcho, Deviant Ollam, Brad “RenderMan” Haines, Mario Heiderich, Johannes Hofmann, Juraj Bednar, Pavol Luptak and Marcell Major. While the first track was filled with enlightening lectures, the second hall was transformed into a leisure zone with video games, places to rest, a “Hackers for Charity” Roulette, and a brmlab stand. As soon as Deviant Ollam started his workshop on lock-picking, the conference hall filled with people interested in learning more about physical security. Why did he bother to talk about it? Well, as he said, people put not enough attention to physical security of the equipment they use. As he demonstrated, opening most of the locks takes only a few seconds. Here on this workshop people could grab lock-picking tools, or whatever they could find (including a high heel shoe) and try to break a variety of locks, boxes and even real handcuffs. After some trainings there was a contest for the newborn lock-pickers.

The lectures have finished around 7:30 and the first day of the conference was over, or wasn’t it? Actually it is a tradition to hold a CONFidence after-party between two days of the conference. It couldn’t be different here in Prague so everyone headed to the club named Styx – the underground club full of beer, lights, dancing, electronic music,nad with a huge dog crawling around the place. The party finished very late at night or as some people may say – early in the morning.

And here it was, a second day of the conference, starting with a small contest for “early birds”, prizes were given to attendees who arrived first at the conference hall. This day lectures were divided into two parallel tracks, so the first presentations were delivered by Raoul Chiesa on track 2 and Mateusz Drygas and Tomasz Nowak on track 1. Starting from Cybercrime and CyberWar theories to specific use of biological sequence alignment in protocol discovery.

That day we had the opportunity to listen to: Nick Nikiforakis, Johannes Dahse, Chema Alonso, Andrzej Dereszowski, László Tóth, Tomáš Zaťko, Dmitry Sklyarov, Łukasz Bromirski, Alexey Sintsov, Alexandr Polyakov and Sharon Conheady. Not so often we have the opportunity to host so many specialists as here at CONFidence. PDFs with their presentations will be available soon at the conference webpage.

At the very end of the conference we had a longer than usual closing ceremony as we had a lot of prizes for attendees. ESET, our Platinum Sponsor and Organizer of the ESET CrackMe contest draw a prize for the person who first broke into their test application. We also had prizes which were given for people who filled the evaluation forms, for the best photo of the conference and some lock-picking gifts from Deviant. The conference was over, but it didn’t mean the end of talks – in the evening everyone was invited to a pub near the Prague’s Main Market for last chats before departing back homes.

Thanks again to all attendees, speakers and security community – you are the core of every CONFidence. Additional thanks go to our partners, sponsors and the conference crew. See you all at CONFidence 2011 back in Krakow!

CONFidence Crew

Photos, materials and a printable version of the summary have been published here:


Photos from the conference available here.

Crackme contest has been started!

The ESET crakcme contest has begun. The task is to retrieve sensitive data from an application. All the details and the link to the file can be found here:

Good luck!

Platinium Sponsor of CONFidence, ESET company has prepared the contest, which will be held at the CONFidence conference in Prague. Details can be found here:

CONFidence 4 Hackerspaces

CONFidence support all hackerspaces and geeky people around the world. In order to confirm that, special 30% discount was prepared. If you want to use it, register with the discount code hackers_30. When there are more people interested (bigger discount) please contact

CONFidence 2.0 2010 Beforeparty

Beforeparty On the evening before CONFidence 2.0 2010 Prague we would like to invite one and all to the Beforeparty organized along with BRMLAB

Drop by for a fantastic way to start CONFidence 2.0. Detailed information on

Call For Sponsors

If you want to become the CONFidence 2.0 2010 sponsor please contact with Jakub Koziol or Andrzej Targosz.

First Come First Served: Pay for the chosen sponsorship package till the end of September and you will be given a 15% discount for the package. Do not wait – decide to attend the conference right now.

Hacktivity 2010 Grows Into International Conference


Hacktivity 2010 will be held on September 18-19, 2010 in Dürer Garden. One of the largest hacker conferences in Eastern and Central Europe will be attended by 1024 people including plenty of foreigners as simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all lectures for the first time.

Two days, 28 lectures, 2 workshops, 3 trainings, one round-table discussion, Wargame, Capture the Flag, Hack the Vendor games with HUF 100,000 rewards, Wall of the Sheep, Hardware workshop with Mitch Altman, beer, hot dog, pizza, good conversation, wall climbing all day long and a brilliant party in the evening. This is how the 2010 programme of the oldest independent Hungarian IT security event can be described in a single sentence.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the event will be highly diverse. Saturday’s keynote speaker is none other than Bruce Schneier from the US, one of the world’s most famous IT security specialists. Bruce will give an opening speech in the morning and close the day at the book presentation where he will sign his book Schneier on Security, co-published in Hungarian by Kancellá Zrt. and HVG Publishers. Sunday’s keynote speaker is “FX” Lindner, co-author of the hacker cult book “How To Steal A Continent” and the first to write a Cisco IOS Exploit in 2001. Oracle guru Alexander Kornbrust will be present again and a new virus expert, Robert Lipovski from ESET laboratory will come from Bratislava. This year the legal speakers will have their own section and there will be 3 lectures giving us a glimpse of the heroic age of IT. Other subjects will include the „use” of wifi hotspots, IT SEC Compliance, password cracking and egghunting. Two workshops will complement the programme where instead of simple presentations speakers will provide participants with an opportunity to try the presented techniques on laptops right away.

In the lobby participants looking for challenges can play individually or in groups. „Wargame”, the break-in test game will be on again consisting of courses with different difficulty levels. Last year’s highly popular „Hack The Vendor” will also continue with new vendors in the ring. The objective of the game is to test one or more IT security products, offered by our sponsors, or in fact hack them legally on the conference site. Our aim is to draw specialists’ attention to certain products of a vendor and to the successful hacker’s talent in an unorthodox way. There will also be a reward, of course, HUF 100,000 in both games! For the first time a new team game will be launched. The concept of „Capture the Flag” is probably familiar: the participant corporate teams made up of 2-4 persons will have ten hours to gain distance control over some computers with vulnerable configurations as often found in real life. The winner will take home a reward as well as Check Point’s „Wanderer” award.

And there’s more to come as in a quiet corner Mitch Altman will be holding a hardware workshop! Mitch who can be justly called a hardware hacker will arrive from San Francisco along with his formidable electronic knowledge and tools to weld and create special IT equipment together with the participants.

Of course there will be relaxation and partying as usual. will set up a climbing wall and in the evening the Balabit continent party will be held again with drink tours and rock concerts.

Due to our Hacktivity-CONFidence partnership we would like to inform that all CONFidence participants can use a 20% discount coupon code -> CONF-10

CONFidence 2.0 2010 Invitation

We would like to offer you a chance to attend CONFidence 2.0 2010 – the 8th edition of the international IT security conference, which will be held on 29-30th November in Prague, Czech Republic. CONFidence started in 2005 as a project created by a group of polish enthusiast committed to improving the security of IT applications. Since those early years it has evolved into the largest meeting of hackers in Central-East Europe that annually gathers almost 500 participants: IT security professionals from government, industry, banking sector and academia as well as researchers and developers.

Since 2006 CONFidence assembles not only the best specialists from Poland but also attendees and number one speakers from all around the world. Every year our attendees come from most European countries as well as US to see such experts as Bruce Schneier, Dan Kaminsky, Jacob Appelbaum, Daniel Mende, David Hulton, Chris Palmer, Jesse Burns, Shawn Merdinger, Anton Chuvakin, Richard Bejtlich, Raoul Chiesa, Felix Lindner, Alexander Kornbrust, Dinis Cruz, Joanna Rutkowska, Gynvael Coldwind and many other excellent speakers. CONFidence is much more than just a conference, it is an ongoing project driven by the security community.

We invite you to visit conference website:

Registration can be made here:

Please remember about #CONFidence_conference hashtag active on Twitter and BLIP.

Details about Call For Papers can be found here:

All people interested in othe forms of cooperation than attending, please contact: jakub.koziol{@} We are waiting for you questions and suggestions.

Please forward the information about the conference to all the people who might be interested in the CONFidence issues.

Registration for CONFidence 2.0 2010 already open

Registration for CONFidence 2.0 2010 conference can be made here.

The conference fee includes:
  • attending the lectures;
  • conference materials;
  • coffee breaks during two days of the event.

Conference Fee:
  • 95 EUR students until 31st August 2010
  • 125 EUR until 31st August 2010
  • 125 EUR students until 30th September 2010
  • 150 EUR until 30th September 2010
  • 150 EUR students until 31st October 2010
  • 175 EUR until 31st October 2010
  • 175 EUR students last minute CONFidence
  • 250 EUR last minute CONFidence

Information: TAX is included in the conference fee.